Meteor Net

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Cost effective broadband Internet access is now here, Offering High Speed satellite Internet connections at an affordable price! Our regional Coverage areas are are Australia wide, including the Island Territories. A Federal Government subsidy is available to any new installation where Telstra are unable to provide ISDN Broadband Services, of up to $765 or 50% of the installation cost which ever is lesser. This subsidy is only available from Hotkey Terrigal, Hotkey Nobbys or Telstra.

Ultra Meteor Net is provided by a proudly Australian Company offering high quality high speed broadband Internet Access for people and also Companies throughout Australia.
Giving access from 4.5 times faster than a conventional 56k modem.

With our NEW High Bandwidth satellite service you will be able to experience the internet on a whole new level. Unlike conventional ISDN or ASDL no matter where you are broad band satelite is available to you, if you have clear sky to the NE.
With lightning fast web browsing, High speed streaming audio and video, reducing time taken on file downloads such as MP3 Music, Software, Games, Newsgroups.

Get into incredibly fast and amazingly affordable broadband internet with us.

Brandon Reda (Author)