How to Pick a Good Copywriter

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Copywriting is all about writing copy for the sake of marketing and advertising. The purpose of the copy is to convince people to subscribe to a particular product or influence their perception of a product. Copywriting is an essential element of any marketing strategy; therefore, getting it right is vital.


Copywriters Australia possess varying skills, areas of proficiency, and experience. This article will discuss some of these differences to help you on how to pick a good copywriter for your business.


  • Industry


Depending on your industry, preferred writing style, and medium, you can opt for copywriters who offer general services, writing for multiple different industries, in varying styles, and on several different platforms. Or you can go for specialized copywriters who write for a single industry, in one style, and one platform.

Normally, it is important to pick a copywriter conversant in a particular type of project you will be assigning them, and remember to request samples of their work. It is also important to ensure that the copywriter you choose is familiar with your audience, their desires, and wants and is informed on what works and what doesn’t within the industry.


If you opt to hire a generalist copywriter, they will probably bring a new strategy to your industry and charge reasonable rates for their work. Still, you will have to furnish them with more detailed background information to get an insight into your client, your industry, and your brand.


  • Style


It is necessary to ensure the copywriter you settle for is well-versed in writing. Ask for samples of their previous work, read them, and determine whether the writer’s style suits your industry or not. Hiring a copywriter without prior assessment can bring about disappointment in the end, especially if their style isn’t in line with your industry. It is important to inform the copywriter you pick about the writing style you want them to write in. For example, business to business style is relatively different from business to consumer style. Therefore, you must know what copywriting you require prior to hiring a copywriter.

B2B copywriting is designed for agencies that sell their products directly to other businesses, while SEO copywriting is meant for businesses to attract more online customers. Hiring an SEO copywriter, in this case, will look for relevant keywords, write informative and pertinent content that search engines will easily notice.


  • Medium


This is another factor to consider when picking a copywriter for your industry. For instance, you may require content for your website, press releases, eBooks, articles, etc. This may appear simple, but it is important to keep in mind when searching for the best copywriter, and hence prevent you from landing on mediocre copywriters.


Brandon Reda (Author)