Diyblinds compared with kresta blinds

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Blinds are often an eye-catching addition to a room. Whether they’re used to shut out bright sunlight or simply as decoration, blinds are simple yet stylish accessories that help complete the look of the room.

To that end, there are more than a few companies who offer their own take on this simple window treatment; some examples include diyblinds and kresta blinds. Both companies claim to provide quality products. But which one is better? And how does each company compare against others in its field? Read on for our full diyblinds vs kresta comparison.

One way to determine what’s best for you would be to take a look at what each company offers. That way, you can make sure that the blinds they have to offer will appeal to your unique sense of style.

In comparing diyblinds vs kresta , both companies have a large number of products available to them. In fact, as it stands currently diyblinds has more than 400 different types of blinds available on its website! This shows just how committed the company is to providing customers with a wide variety of choices when it comes to window treatments.

On the other hand, diyblinds does not seem as concerned about making its customers happy as much as it seems concerned with simply selling products—even if those products aren’t exactly right for customers’ needs.

As it turns out, that’s not the only issue with diyblinds . The company charges extra for many of its blinds. For example, if you want a single blind to be wider than 90″ diyblinds will charge you an additional $20 per blind. And this doesn’t just apply to random sizes—it also affects blinds that are multiple square feet larger.

DIY Blinds has many products available on their website, but is less concerned with giving customers what they want and more concerned with selling them something. It seems as if the products it provides only cater toward certain styles which make some people inclined look elsewhere better suited for their needs.

Brandon Reda (Author)