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Meteor Ultra is a high-bandwidth Internet connection service, based on a satellite dish and Satellite decoder (Either a PCI card or a USB unit). This allows you to connect to the Internet at up to 400kbps for our residential service, which is easily faster than the fastest analogue 56Kbs modem or ISDN. The technology is well proven, and has been in operation since late 1997.

The Satellite decoder receives data from the satellite dish at high speed, while outgoing requests are sent via your current modem though our own high speed backbone.

The following diagram explains the process of how the data is sent and received, The Blue dots refer to inbound traffic and Outbound requests are represented by the Red dots

Firstly, a user connected to a Local Area Network (LAN) or using a standalone PC sends a request for information
The request is sent (along with any others) via your modem to us, with a special “return address”

The reply is now sent from The Internet via the Satellite uplink, to the satellite to your reci dish which is then directed to your PC or LAN

You send all requests via your modem dialup account with us.
You receive all responses by high-speed satellite.