Meteor Net

Cost effective broadband Internet access is now here, Offering High Speed satellite Internet connections at an affordable price! Our regional Coverage areas are are Australia wide, including the Island Territories. A Federal Government subsidy is available to any new installation where Telstra are unable to provide ISDN Broadband Services, of up to $765 or 50% of the installation cost which ever is lesser. This subsidy is only available from Hotkey Terrigal, Hotkey Nobbys or Telstra.

Ultra Meteor Net is provided by a proudly Australian Company offering high quality high speed broadband Internet Access for people and also Companies throughout Australia.
Giving access from 4.5 times faster than a conventional 56k modem.

With our NEW High Bandwidth satellite service you will be able to experience the internet on a whole new level. Unlike conventional ISDN or ASDL no matter where you are broad band satelite is available to you, if you have clear sky to the NE.
With lightning fast web browsing, High speed streaming audio and video, reducing time taken on file downloads such as MP3 Music, Software, Games, Newsgroups.

Get into incredibly fast and amazingly affordable broadband internet with us.



Terrigal, once spelt in varying fashions as Tarrygal, Tarrigal, is thought to be derived from the Aboriginal words for either little birds, or fig trees, both of which are plentiful in the district. In the early 1800’s, Tarrygal Haven, was a welcome shelter for the sixty milers, the ships running between Sydney and Kingstown, now Newcastle.

Land grants in the 1820’s saw grazing and settling. Visitors described the tall and cavernous rain forests as ‘The Vales of Ambrosia. The many Turpentine trees, Syncarpia glomulosa, saw the establishment of timber and boat building industries. The 1870’s saw the Davis family establish their sawmill and boat yard at the Terrigal Haven. They shipped turpentine logs, which were resistant to the marine borer, as wharf piles to destinations all over the colony.

In latter years, Terrigal became a farming and fishing village, and then a seaside resort, popular with Sydney and Hunter Valley vacationers. Now Terrigal is a cosmopolitan seaside resort, with residents commuting to Sydney and Newcastle, or working in Gosford, Wyong, and other areas of the NSW Central Coast.

Things to do include fishing, golfing, riding, sunbaking, and surfing. Central Coast tourist attractions include Old Sydney Town an 1820’s theme park, Reptile Park where Australia’s most deadly reptiles and spiders are on display, Askania Park – a remnant of Central Coast rainforest, open to the public.

Places to stay in Terrigal include:

  • The Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Pine Tree Lane, (02) 4384 9111
  • Clan Lakeside Lodge, Ocean View Drive, (02) 4384 1566
  • Country Comfort Inn Terrigal, Terrigal Drive, (02) 4384 1166
  • Terrigal Beach Backpackers Lodge , Campbell Crescent, (02) 4385 3330
  • Terrigal Beach Motel, Painters Lane, (02) 4384 1423
  • Terrigal Pacific Motel, Terrigal Drive, (02) 4385 1555
  • Terrigal Sails Serviced Apartments Maroomba Rd Terrigal , (02) 4384 7444

This information is provided as a public service by Terrigal Net, and does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation, of any establishment mentioned or otherwise.

Terrigal Net endorses and supports the Gosford City and Wyong Shire Council’s Tree Protection Policy.


MODOCOMP UK – IT Solutions for Business

Within today’s diverse IT landscape many organisations are focussing on re-using rather than replacing their IT assets. Although the “dotcom” boom has turned into an IT recession, on-line business activity is steadily increasing, particularly with bricks and mortar enterprises. The drivers for this are no longer the promise of increased revenue but the more practical aspects of increases in productivity and improved customer service. Extending existing business processes is one aspect of our proposition to our customers. It is not the only one, however. We view integration as a first step in a tactical B2B or EAI solution. To fully embrace the benefits of electronic trading we offer a bundled J2EE application server solution that allows application integration, legacy application migration and new server-side application building, in one single middleware environment.

MODCOMP has extensive experience in Business Process Integration through complex data retrieval using portals through secure on-line transaction processing and integrated messaging applications.

This experience has been employed on a number of EAI, B2B, B2C and message integration projects using technologies from leading IT companies such as Microsoft, Sun, IBM, HP and BEA using MODCOMP’s own middleware platforms – ViewMax and OpenXport. The following examples of business process integration solutions have been deployed successfully with MODCOMP’s clients in the Manufacturing, Travel, Financial Services, Retail Distribution and Public Services Markets.

  • On-line self service – using existing call centre applications
  • Supply chain integration – demand forecasting, availability to promise, vendor managed inventory
  • Portal – secure, individual access to data, content, transactional IT resources
  • On-line ordering/reservations/patient administration applications
  • Mobile applications – shop floor data processing with mainframe applications
  • Media-independent publishing – single repository for print and electronic content delivery
  • Remote workforce automation – VPN access to real time data
  • Universal messaging server applications
  • EDI, XML and web services message integration

So, if you are seeking to extend the reach of your enterprise data and applications to your customers and business partners, look no further. With MODCOMP you can be assured of an economic solution that will meet your short-term business needs and your long-term strategic objectives.